CEREC Technology

CEREC (Chairside Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic) is an all-new method for designing dental restorations! If you need a dental crown or another restoration, you can receive it in a single day with CEREC tech at Daniel Sheridan.

CEREC uses advanced computer technology to design and manufacture crowns and veneers within just an hour or two. It produces high-quality ceramic restorations that have all of the benefits of traditional restorations. You can quickly restore your tooth to its natural strength, beauty, and function with CEREC dental crowns.

The CEREC Procedure | What to Expect

Every step of the CEREC procedure can be completed in a single appointment. Here is a list of the steps involved.

  1. Exam and Tooth Prep | Dr. Sheridan will take a look at your teeth and help you decide whether or not CEREC is right for you. He will provide you with an anesthetic and prepare the tooth for restoration by removing decay, bacteria, and a small portion of the tooth structure.
  2. 3D Impression | The innovative 3D impression involves a digital camera scan of the tooth. This type of impression is mess-free and instantly gives us the information we need to create your dental crown.
  3. Designing and Manufacturing | Using the computer design program, we will fashion a restoration that fits you flawlessly. The milling unit uses our design to produce the restoration within minutes.
  4. Bonding the Restoration | Immediately after your restoration comes out of the milling unit, Dr. Sheridan will try your restoration on you to see if it matches the shape, size, and color of your smile. If it is ready, he will bond and polish the restoration right then and there.

Enjoy the Advantages of CEREC

Why choose CEREC at Daniel Sheridan? You’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • No messy, uncomfortable impressions.
  • Saving as much of the natural tooth as possible
  • No dealing with a temporary impression
  • Restoring a tooth to its natural strength and ability.
  • Seeing a brand new smile after a single appointment!

Dr. Sheridan and his team really believe that dentistry should be easy and comfortable. All of our patients should have the power to transform their smiles in one appointment, and CEREC gives them that power! Call today to schedule your CEREC consultation at Daniel Sheridan.